CAMILA CABELLO: She Launches a ‘Havana’-Inspired Make-Up Collection

It's hot, the weather is nice, we all want to go on vacation ... but that's not always possible! So Camila Cabello decided to make you travel the time of a L'Oreal Paris make-up collection inspired by her hit Havana.

Although the singer is very busy with the Reputation tour with Taylor Swift, she still took the time to ask us to offer a collection as hot as the sun of Ibiza.
The collection will consist of no less than 14 products and will pay tribute not only to his song but also to the beauty of Havana women Camila has met throughout his life. The singer confided in an interview:
"I am extremely proud and excited about the Havana collection. I wanted to create products that not only I would personally wear, but that would work well across various skin tones. For me, looking and feeling my best helps fuel my confidence and I hope to inspire other people to feel the same." 

In an interview with Elle, she added: "The samples that I had, I use them on myself now. It was important to me that they would work well on different kinds of skin tones because that's really important to me, and I feel like all of my fans are going to be able to use it and love it."

The collection launches on "" on July 15th and will be rolled out to drugstores and other retailers in August.


OK SO YOU GUYS ALREADY KNOW IM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS SO LET ME JUMP RIGHT IN AND GIVE YOU THE TEA ON THE HAVANA COLLECTION WITH @lorealmakeup OMG!!!! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 because I'm working most of the time and wear makeup for my concerts, I think skin care and using products that are healthy and light and good for your skin is the most important thing- we made this collection for the summer- for the heat and humidity- for a glow that's light and natural and isn't so heavy that in the heat the makeup seeps into your pores and makes you break out !!!! Every single one of these products I picked carefully and tested on myself and other girls at L'Oréal team. the products look amazing on EVERY skin tone which was really important for me and the amazing women at L'Oréal and I all worked hard to make sure these product worked for every girl. The idea was to make a collection that was light and natural but glowy , fun, and high quality. I like to keep it natural when I'm not working- if I wanna wear make up I go with eyeliner, mascara, maybe an earthy eyeshadow, lip gloss and a light foundation and bronzer- this liquid liner is AMAZING, and the bronzer is super light and natural yet glowy and resistant, I picked out every shade for the eye shadow and the fragrance for the lip glosses! I literally use them every day. I can't tell you how excited I am about this !!!!! I'm so proud of it and I'm so happy that I feel like it's a collection that I would wear and that you guys would wear. It's natural, fun, glowy, and light and represents what I love about the summer and living in Miami ❤️ #HAVANACOLLECTIONLOREAL