Kensington Moore Shares Deep Emotions In A Marvelous Acoustic Single "Slow"


Smoothly and genuinely composed, the single « Slow » delivered by American Singer/songwriter Kensington Moore, is a Marvelous acoustic ballad unfolding the impact that love could have on someone’s life. Starting as ‘a scene from a fairytale’ and ending often in ‘what felt like a nightmare’. Indeed, throughout the four minutes and thirty nine seconds that last the song,  Kensington Moore definitely exhibit her talent and certifies that she has the potential of becoming a huge star. Her crispy and breathy vocal performance takes on a delicious musical journey. Moreover, about the the song, Kensington shares: 

"Love has never really been a simple thing for me. Falling in love for the first time was both magical and scarring. What started as a scene from a fairytale ended in what felt like a nightmare. Falling for someone who didn’t quite feel the same wrecked me. My heart has hurt more than I ever knew a heart could hurt, and I’ve written more songs about the same person than I ever dreamed was possible. “

Stream “Slow” below

The song is also enhanced with tremendous visuals, directed and choreographed by Amanda Cathey and Jessica Wolf, while the Cinematography was orchestrated by Andrew Phan.