London based Duo M w S tenders us With a delightful track "Nobody"

Jazz is a music that evolves over time. It adapts according to age and generation by merging with other kinds of music. It is in this perspective that "Nobody", the new track of the London Based Duo M w S has been conceptualized.

Indeed, this group of Italian origin offers us a symphonic aggregation that oozes a fragrant sonorific Jazz mixed with a drop of alternative music. We also perceive in the rhythm of the drums a vague impression of R & B Soul; Which in turn makes the composition a delightful mix.
Note also, the soft and rasping voice of the Guilia vocalist who swings from deep to acute between verse and Chorus.
Moreover, the theme of the song focuses on the sinuosities of the relationship between two soulmates that becomes toxic, often harmful and yet inevitable.
Put on your headphones and enjoy this melodious journey: