IOLITES Teams Up with SOLARSUNS to unveil "Better Without You"

IOLITE takes us into a wave of emotional ambiguities in her new musical composition called "Better without you". Swirling between alternative pop and electronic R & B, the track emerges from a fine rhythmic charisma that challenges the emotional identity of the listener.

On the other hand, the lyrical paradigm of the song exhibits the addictive tendencies towards a person for whom one feels a deep and ambiguous love.
By the phrase "I know I'm better without you, but when I'm with you, I can not live without you.", The singer puts an emphasis on the extravagance of a relationship that often forces us to stay with someone who could be our Kryptonite.
In addition, IOLITE and SOLARSUNS illustrate the piece with a sluggish cinematic, presenting them first in a scene filled with colorful smoke, then in a wooded forest later taking fire; Images full of creativity that will excite you neurons.

Listen To The Song and let us know what you think.