JON Vinyl Returns With a New Enchanting Single "Storm"

After the saga "Cherry Blossom" JON Vinyl returns with a new Lullaby entitled "Storm". First of all, the musical composition of the track expresses a certain emotive energy, buried deep in JON's tone of voice. And that accuracy of production connects the audience more to the singer 

We are immediately fascinated by the nature of the song not only because it releases this relaxing aura but also thanks to these enchanting melodies contained in the soulful chords.
Indeed, the poetic writing of the song endorses a love experience lived by the author himself (ie JON Vinyl) and highlights this desire to continue in a relationship despite the constraints that often prevail.
Just like JON, many souls are looking for a love life that will last despite the ups and downs.
So take the time to savor the song and judge for yourself.