The Weeknd: What is his new album "My Dear Melancholy" about?


The Weeknd has just released "My Dear Melancholy" during the night of march 30th. It has been decrypted for you.

The Weeknd surprised all his fans by releasing his new EP "My Dear Melancholy" on the night of Thursday to Friday. But then, what is this new album about? Does it have something to do with his break with Selena Gomez? Already, the first title, "Call out my name", contains just a lot of references to his love story with the singer. He writes, "We found each other, I helped you when you were broken, you brought me comfort, but falling in love with you was my mistake."

A little further, he even suggests that he intended to give Selena one of his kidneys when she needed a transplant last year. "I said I did not feel anything, but I lied. I almost cut a part of me to save your life. But I was only a stop in your life. Until you make your decision. You made me waste my time, "he sings on this very moving piece. 

On this new record, The Weeknd does not pretend to be happy, he even seems to claim his right to be sad and to drown his sorrows in alcohol or illicit substances. On "Privilege" he says, for example, "They say that love is only a game, but I do not care what they say. I will drink until I forget the pain. I will go back to my old methods."

As for love with a huge L, it seems that he decided to draw a line on it, as he explains on "Hurt You": "Now I know that romantic relationships are my enemies. So get away from me, I warn you."