Alert: Kanye West unveils not only one, but two new songs

Kanye West officially makes his comeback with the release of two new tracks, a troll and a more serious and political title.


With his recent return on Twitter, we had to suspect that things would happen quickly. And for proof, after the reactivation of his account, the artist quickly announced the arrival of his solo album for June 1, an album with Kid Cudi a week later, as well as the projects of the members of his entourage , including Nas's album. After unveiling a new freestyle for TMZ, Kanye formalized the release of a new title called "Lift Yourself". However, this piece would be a huge troll with a somewhat strange passage. The title would actually be directed to Ebro Darden, famous host on Hot 97. The track can be heard on the official website of Kanye West, or on digital platforms.

As a surprise never comes alone, the craziest MC of the game unveiled a second song in the evening that was played for the first time on Power 106 FM. Titled "Ye vs. the People "his sidekick T.I is invited on the track. This is a more serious title than the first in which the two rappers discuss and exchange on political themes. Kanye starts the song with: "I know Obama was Heaven-smelling / But never since Trump won, it proved that I could be President". The title can already be heard here.