Watch Kelli Leigh Show off her dance skills In A Tremendous Music Video "Can't Dance"

kelli leigh

Kelli Leigh offers us a tremendous dance video for her musical title "Can’t dance". In the video, the young London singer joins a young professional dancer and together they deliver a captivating choreography. Throughout the video, you will be charmed not only by Kelli's vocal tone, but also by her presence during the dance.

In addition, we must also mention the involvement of the producer Art Bastian in the orchestration of "Can’t dance". Indeed, the track as such is a beautiful fusion of house music and catchy electronic elements. Also, the production perfectly fits Kelli’s vocal style.

Speaking about the track, Kelli-Leigh said: 

“I’m so proud to be putting out ‘Can’t Dance’. It’s a fusion of styles with the ballad entry point building into a satisfying dance drop, balancing emotion and beats. I’ve co-produced the record and produced the entire campaign and visuals around the release, it’s very much a product of my creativity and the growth of me as a Solo artist.”

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