Totally Jam 004 | Favorite Concepts Of The Month


Uranium Waves unveils “Totally Jam 04”, a list of favorite musical compositions, this month. In other words, this section highlights 5 songs that we believe sounds very unique and catchy. We focus on the originality, the texture, the catchiness, and the structure to determine songs to be featured on the list.



Elior - Hoxton

Straight out of France, 18 years old singer-songwriter Elior introduces us to a glamorous electro pop vibe entitled « Hoxton », which is actually included in his First EP ‘Kid In A Bathroom’.  The concept of the track is inspired with the idea of a place where according to Elior ‘’you can be anyone and/or do anything, without being afraid of judgement, but also without being judge-mental’’. 

The track is a catchy Bop, perfect for the summer. 


Taylor Grey - Intentionally

Taylor Grey isn’t just a random singer-songwriter. She has that plus required to be a Pop Superstar. Indeed, by listening to her latest single « Intentionally », you directly get the same feeling you get when you hear a Taylor Swift’s song playing on the radio. In other Word, The track is a genuine catchy Pop Song, effortlessly well performed by Taylor. Moreover, note that the process behind the creation of the track has required brilliant mind like Nico Stadi’s (Previously worked with Justin Bieber…) and Imad Royal’s (The Chainsmokers, Panic! At The Disco). Stream Below or download here


Freddie Future - Like It Never Happened

Toronto Rising Singer-Songwriter Freddie Future presents the story of a breakup in slow motion through his latest R&B single « Like It Never Happened ». Indeed, the track is a dreamy and funky vibe, starting smoothly with snap and spacey chords, before turning to a little more dynamic ensemble, enhance with a vivid hook. It is definitely an enjoyable song that warms the soul. Stream below.


RAINNE - Dirty Little Dream

Rising Alt-pop duo RAINNE, composed of Saxophonist/producer Justin Klunk and Singer-songwriter Annie Dingwall offers, this summer a catchy bop « Dirty little Dream », to enjoy all summer. In fact, the composition could be described as a « seductive, dark and clever » orchestration, lyrically exploring the ‘’possibility that your wildest dreams may not be what you’d expect’’.
“At first glance, it's a seductive song engulfed in passion, but upon further listening, maybe that's only part of the story." - Annie
Stream Below.


SLANDER, Said The Sky & JT Roach - Potions

If you are a fan of sad or emotional songs, but you also love The Chainsmokers type of vibe, then you will definitely enjoy the collaboration between SLANDER, Said The Sky and JT Roach, entitled « Potions ». Indeed, the track starts with a cozy melancholic ambiance before stepping in a more upbeat electronic vibe. Also behind the lyrics, a relatable and heartbreaking story of love and loss is portrayed as the video below, perfectly illustrates it. It is definitely a song full of charisma and emotion and it’ll hard not to love its melody. Stream below.