Childish Gambino unveils two new tracks to celebrate summer.

The fierce competition to know which song will be the next hit of the summer may have reached its end. Childish Gambino has just unveiled two new titles, gathered in a mini-project called Summer Pack. Respectively entitled "Summertime Magic" and "Feels Like Summer", these new songs are bathed in a sublime summer and sunny atmosphere.

First, "Summertime Magic" is carried by a romantic energy and Childish Gambino's performance, who declares his love for his summer love on a soft electronic production, which will remind his fans of the sounds of his EP Kaui.

On the other hand, "Feels Like Summer" is more contemplative, the piece reminiscent of the wetness of long summer days languishing in the sun. Perfectly calibrated for the season, this Childish Gambino Summer Pack EP appears as the perfect opposite of the dark and committed "This Is America" released a few weeks ago. Donald Glover proves once again his versatility and let glimpse beautiful promises about his upcoming album.

Summer Pack of Childish Gambino is to discover below.