Released on December 12 by the Canadian Duo Waveendz, "Gang Waves" is an experimental Hip Hop/New wave Music composition. At the beginning of the song, it is easily noticeable that the Layout of the song was made out of a mix between R&B and classical Music. In fact, The designer of the song known as "Guff Lavander" stated that he was inspired by a classical melody that he heard in his dream. He couldn't really place the melody as an existing track because he doesn't remember hearing it ever. From that on, he decided to recreate the sound that he dreamt of in a Hip hop track. That is how the track " Gang Waves" has seen the light. 

Now, many of you will want to know what is the track exactly talk about. In fact, the Duo described "gang Waves" as a Journey from the Underground to the Surface. "It is only when you realize that you 're really low and that you can go any lower, that you will start to climb to the top - Because you have nothing to lose anymore - and also because you already know how the bottom is, in such a way that if you fall again you know what to expect there since you're used to be there. So the fear of falling totally disappears. And no fears means more strength to climb to the top. " states Waveendz.