Imagine Dragons unveils a short film for the clip "Next To Me"

Imagine Dragons has unveiled its latest clip "Next To Me". For this new video, the group has put together poetic visuals in a short film

The year 2018 promises to be just as big as 2017's for Imagine Dragons. For their latest clip "Next To Me", the quartet has seen things big. Dan Reynolds and his men delivered a real short film of about ten minutes to immerse us in a moving story.

The video opens with a female voice reading a breaking letter. Then, it shows Dan Reynolds going to a pawnshop to estimate the price of his alliance while his voice reads a message to his wife. It is at this moment that things get bogged down and that the artist seals his destiny irreparably.

"Next To Me": a tragic end?

After his time in prison, Dan Reynolds finally seems to regain his freedom. But what if this deliverance was only illusion? Even if we can believe that the couple will end up together, the end of the video clearly lets us understand that the separation of the couple will also be done by the death sentence of Dan Reynolds.

We understand also that it's the letter of rupture of his wife that led to the assassination of the seller embodied by Weyne Sermon, one of the members of the group. We must indeed see the video in its entirety and several times to understand the true story. A script signed by director Mark Pellington to whom we owe the film "The Prophecy of Shadows".