Netflix is now far more popular than YouTube and Cable TV


The US platform is more than ever leader in the video streaming market.
A study by investment firm Cowen & Co looked at the growing popularity of Netflix. To the question "Which platforms do you use most regularly to watch video content on your TV?", 27.2% of respondents answered "Netflix", the streaming platform arriving largely in front of the paid television subscription (20, 4%), free television channels (18.1%) or YouTube (11.4%).

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More interestingly, among 18-34 year olds, Netflix is ven more lonely at the top of Cowen & Co's ranking as the favorite video platform of 39.7% of young people polled, far ahead of YouTube and its 17% of the vote. The reasons for this plebiscite are numerous. Between its gigantic catalog, always more provided with original content, and a subscription for less than ten euros per month, Netflix is ore than ever the favorite video platform for all generations.