Drake alone would represent 5% of Toronto's economy

As true ambassador of Toronto aka "the 6", Drake also participates in his economic activity.
Vice News investigated the true financial impact of Drake's love for Toronto, in order to quantify what the regular support of OVO's founder is.


According to Gordon Hendren, a marketing and branding specialist for many Toronto-based brands, Drake's commitment would bring in about $ 440 million a year to the capital of the province of Ontario. An impressive figure that Gordon Hendren then puts into context: "There are a number of factors that come into play in this calculation, but it is estimated that Drake alone accounts for 5% of the $ 8.8 billion economy. Toronto. "

The reasons for explaining this extraordinary contribution are numerous. Drake, for example, uses many locations in his city for clip shoots, project artwork, and evoking them in his songs. As the topic prepared by Vice News shows, every week customers ask to book Drake's table on the Take Care cover. In addition to showcasing the many facets of his hometown, Drake has been successful in bringing Toronto to his image and success. The example of the Toronto Raptors is one of the most striking, with the rapper having become the franchise's ambassador, which has revived the public interest for a team so far discreet.

The impact of Drake is also reflected in the communication of politicians of the city, who do not hesitate to mention the success of 6 God to attract investors and events in Toronto. More than any other rapper, Drake is an ambassador of choice for his hometown. The subject of Vice News is to be found in full below.