Thanks to his new album, Kanye West equals Eminem and Beatles on Billboard

The commercial machine Kanye West proves once again its value.
The successor to The Life of Pablo was highly anticipated, to say the least. And for proof, despite only 7 tracks on his tracklist, the album recorded a total of 208,000 sales equivalents during its first week of operation. At the same time, the 7 pieces of the project occupied the top 7 places of the US iTunes ranking. As a result, Kanye West grabbed first place in the Billboard 200 for the eighth time in a row, matching Eminem and the Beatles.

In albums consecutively placed at the top of the charts, only JAY-Z is in front of them, with an impressive total of 14 albums. However, we must qualify this statistic since if we forget the consecutive aspect, the Beatles have placed 19 albums at the top of the charts during their career. One thing is certain, in modern urban music, Kanye West has established himself as one of the most prolific sellers, and it is not the success of his new album, as creative as it is imperfect, that will contradict this fact. .