Lady Gaga Perfectly Portrays An Ordinary Young Women in "A Star Is Born"

A star is Born Lady Gaga

Actor and director Bradley Cooper had a fabulous idea for his New Movie A Star Is Born, his first, but yet the fourth version of the story. It’s great to see how the great Lady Gaga appears in the movie as an ordinary girl revealing charms and simplicity.

As one of the greatest pop star in the world, Lady Gaga is revealing now a side that nobody would actually imagine she has. She endorses the role of a young woman down to earth, chasing a dream, which includes the pursuit of fame. 

The film also tells the love story between a declining music star, a character played by Bradley Cooper, who discovers a rough diamond in a young artist, Lady Gaga, and brings it to fame.

The first half of A Star Is Born couldn’t be more charming. It leaves all three previous versions in the dust in the meet-cute department, largely because Gaga manages to be fresher and more believably real than Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland (who looked dissipated), and Barbra Streisand. And Cooper is delightful. Although he’s largely hidden behind a beard, long hair, and a squint, his purring bass-baritone is to swoon over. That it’s stolen from Sam Elliott makes it all the more amusing when Elliott shows up as Jackson’s much older brother and accuses Jackson of stealing his voice. - VULTURE