J. Cole Unleashed New Album "KOD"

Through this new album KOD, J Cole shows us why he remains among the greatest names in Rap game. Indeed, this fifth album by J Cole highlights his talent as a producer and his narrative "warrior flow".


Returning with a carefully prepared album, J Cole plunges us into a world dotted with phonetically ambitious poetry. With a flow adapted to the new generation Rap, The rapper has still bothered to produce the majority of his songs except for the track "Kevin's Heart" which was Worked by producer T-Minus. Indeed, the album is dotted with several samples from tracks like "Junior Mafia - Get Money" or even "Kanye West - We do not care".
"Cole's gripping tales were bolstered by his soul-grabbing beats, which included some noteworthy samples". - BillBoard

"With only an alter-ego for company, J Cole casts himself as rap’s moral compass with this masterfully pared-back fifth album" - The Guardian