In Less than 24 hours, Shawn Mendes Surprises his fans with a second wonderful track.

We can't stop Shawn Mendes anymore. The Canadian returns, in great shape, with two tremendous tracks "In My Blood" and  "Lost In Japan" in less than 72 hours. And maybe there is more coming, we never know. All we can say is that we've been surprised by those gifts from Shawn. 


Is Shawn Mendes a Stakhanovist? That's what we could believe, because after a year of silence, he unveiled two delicious singles, "In My Blood" first, then "Lost in Japan". It was on Twitter that he has announced the news, by simply writing "I wanted to give you another song", to the delight of his fans.

"Lost in Japan" is a sexy title, a song in which one could just get lost, intoxicated by the groove of the bass and the subtlety of the piano. The piece was produced by Teddy Geiger and Louis Bell, as Billboard says. Both songs should be on his next album, "SM3". The release date of the disc has not been announced yet, but should be done soon. Indeed, Shawn Mendes has found a way to announce to his fans that his album should be available soon: he announced the release on a giant billboard on Times Square, New York.

On the panel, you could read his name, but also "soon" and "23". As for knowing the meaning of all this, mystery ...