Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing

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We can help you take your music to a new level with our Hybrid gears (Analog + Digital). We’ll hook you up with our tremendous sound engineers

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When it comes to sound Engineering, the concept could be a bit complex because depending on the genre of music, the type of mixing/mastering isn’t always the same. Indeed, the way a pop song is mixed/mastered is clearly different from the way the way a rap song is mixed. Thus we’re offering a Sound engineering service for all kind of genre like Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Electronic…

Once the mixing or mastering is done, we’ll send you a Wav file (44khz, 16bit) and an Mp3 file(320kbps) as final product.

Mixing Type

Option 1 | 3 Stems ( ex. Beats + Lead Vocals + Adlibs/Back Vocals…)

Option 2 | 5 Stems ( ex. Drums + Bass + Vocals + Piano/Guitar + Bell…)

Option 3 | 5 - 10 Stems ( ex. Kick + Snare + Hi Hat + Piano + Bass + Bell + Pluck etc.)

Option 4 | 10 - 15 Stems ( … )



SSL-G Master Bus, J37 Tape, FL Studio, Wave Tune, Melodine, CLA-2A Compressor, V-Comp, API 550, Izotope Nectar/Ozone, 2 Large PRESONUS Speakers, PRESONUS STUDIOLIVE 16.0.2 USB 16-CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXER etc…